E110 – Q&A: Resources for Church Staff?

This episode answers a question sent in by a listener: “What are some resources you would recommend for those on church staff?”  In response, I give a list of books, websites, software, and other items that I consistently use.  These are resources that will not only be effective for church staff but for church members as well!  This is the second part of our Q&A.  Please go back to Episode 109: “Should a lady wear a head covering?” to hear the first part of our Q&A.

For web design and design work in general: CANVA – https://www.canva.com/

For youth directors and their wives: YPLife – https://yplife.org/

For Junior Church directors:  “How Do I Get These Kids to Listen?” – https://www.amazon.com/How-get-these-kids-listen/dp/0873983920‘ “I Can’t Wait Till Sunday Morning” – https://www.amazon.com/Cant-Wait-Till-Sunday-Morning/dp/0873984145

For keeping your ministry safe legally:  CCLI – https://us.ccli.com/ For photos – https://unsplash.com/

For building your Sunday School:  “The Ten Largest Sunday Schools of America and What Makes Them Grow” – https://www.amazon.com/largest-Sunday-schools-what-makes/dp/B0006CF6XI “The Hyles Sunday School Manual” – https://www.amazon.com/Hyles-Sunday-School-Manual-Jack/dp/0873983912 “Let’s Build an Evangelistic Church” – https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Build-Evangelistic-Church-Hyles/dp/B0027MO0RI

For continued learning and passive intake: “Fairhaven Classes” – https://www.youtube.com/c/FairhavenClasses

For the Assistant to the Pastor/Second Man:  “Behind Every Great Leader” – https://www.amazon.com/Behind-Every-Great-Leader-Principles/dp/1601716559 “The Pastor: His Life and Work” – https://www.amazon.com/Pastor-His-Life-Work-Revised/dp/B0055HEHW0 “The Second Man” – https://www.amazon.com/second-man-relationships-responsibilities-member/dp/0873987489 “Serving In The Shadows”  – https://www.amazon.com/Serving-Shadows-Practical-Assistant-Ministry-ebook/dp/B07Y1G4MHG

For finding sheet music:  “Bible Truth Music” – https://bibletruthmusic.com/ “Revival Song” – https://www.revivalsong.org/ “J.W. Pepper” – https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/welcome.jsp

For keeping your integrity in a sin-sick world: “Accountable2You” – https://accountable2you.com/

For printed materials: 

Bulletin Shells – https://www.swordbooks.com/ North Valley Publications – https://nvpublications.org/ Remnant Ministries – https://remnantministriesonline.com/online-store

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