E118 – Why I’m An Onlyist

As we hold up the Word of God and preach the Word of God, saying, “This is truth!  Follow this!”,  many come along and want to destroy the truth we preach. In trying to tear down what we stand for, one of the big things people point to is “Look at how many religions there are!  How can anyone possibly know which one to believe?”  Ever heard someone say that?  They say that we are just a bunch of “humbugs” and we are “just causing division”. They say we could experience “such great fellowship” if we would just get off “our high horses”. They say, “You are just a bunch of ‘onlyists’!  Only this and only that!”   The fact is friend, there are a bunch of “onlyies” the Bible tells of.  Join me as we examine those in this episode!

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