E145 – Discipleship: How To Be Involved – Part 2

Someone once said, “Baptists have typically done a good job of winning souls and baptizing them, but have done a horrible job of discipleship.”  Discipleship is that training time after salvation and baptism, where a new convert is taught the basic beliefs of the faith.  They are discipled in the milk of the Word.  This is typically done by a more mature Christian who is able to adequately teach these things to another.  The sad fact is in churches across America, discipleship falls by the way side because there is no one to do the discipling.  As a church grows, a pastor is not able to do one-on-one discipleship with every person.  He needs help.  Who can he turn to?  Can he turn to you?  Learn how you can prepare yourself to disciple others in today’s episode!

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