E237 – Is Christmas Pagan?

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With each passing year, it seems like I meet more and more people who do not celebrate or do not like Christmas.  They believe Christmas originated as a pagan holiday. They have been taught and told that Christmas is simply a “Christianized” pagan holiday. In the same fashion that we should not celebrate Halloween because of its origins, they believe we should not celebrate Christmas.  But, is it true??? Is Christmas really just a copycat of a pagan holiday? Did Christians rip-off a pagan holiday and create Christmas? Did Christians 1900 years ago (when Christmas first started being celebrated) decide to celebrate Christmas so they could keep their pagan traditions?  We will answer those questions and more in today’s episode!

This  week’s featured song (used by permission): “The First Noel” by David Webster from the CD – “The Sounds of Christmas”.  To  purchase  the CD this song is featured on, please visit: https://nvpublications.org/products/the-sounds-of-christmas