E245 – Making The Bible Version Debate Simple: Part 2

As we read in 1 Peter 1:19, we have a SURE Word God that we can trust in.  How do we know if something is SURE – “stable, firm, trustworthy”?  You check it’s foundation – what lies beneath it. What holds it up? The foundation is of vital importance.  Christ taught this principle with one of the most well known stories of Scripture: the wise man and the foolish man. Join me in this episode as we discuss “The Foundational Issue” of the Bible Version Debate!

This episode covers:

– Where the Textus Receptus (The Traditional Text) came from.

– Where the Critical Text (The Eclectic Text) came from.

– What are “manuscripts”?

– Why there are only 2 translations of the Bible.

– Surface level examination of Codex Vaticanus & Codex Sinaticus.

– How does “manuscript evidence” help us?

– Why the Bible version debate is deeper than “modern English/language”.