E246 – Making The Bible Version Debate Simple: Part 3

In this episode, we are going to examine what a house built on a faulty foundation looks like.  What is the offspring of a faulty foundation?  Here is the sad truth – all modern translations are based on the Critical Text. In this episode, we go through and prove why modern versions have serious issues on three levels: The Doctrinal Level, The Transnational Level, and The Mindset Level.

This episode covers:

– Issues with using/consulting the Critical Text.

– Issues found within the NIV, ESV, NASV, ASV, RSV, and many more.

– What we use to determine issues in a translation.

– What the “inner soul” of the Bible version debate is.

– Things to be careful of when listening to Bible Version debates.

– Why the NKJV and MEV are not just updates of the KJV