E247 – Making The Bible Version Debate Simple: Part 4

I submit to you that only one translation meets the core doctrines concerning the Word of God.  Only one was translated off a line of manuscripts with no faults and no failures – the Traditional Text. Only one translation is perfect with no contradictions and no errors.  That translation is the King James Version. I believe the evidence provided in this study allow us to definitively conclude the errors of the modern translations and any offspring of the Critical Text. The question is: how do we defend the KJV? Find out in this episode!

This episode covers:

– How to defend the KJV.

– How to answer objects to the KJV.

– What about the old words in the KJV?

– Is it still written on a 5th grade reading level?

– Weren’t the translators just “common men”?

– “What about all the errors and contradictions in the KJV”?

– Isn’t this all just about modern English?