E255 – Part 2: How To Preach/Guide A Funeral with Pastor Patrick Gimenez

Calling all young preachers!

At some point in your ministry, you will be called upon to preach or lead a funeral. How do you do it? In a day where some allow the church’s standards to be comprised due to the event, how do we have a “good” funeral? In this two part episode (the second part will be released next week), you will get the privilege to learn from veteran missionary and pastor – Pastor Patrick Gimenez – on how to lead, preach, and guide a funeral!

In this two part episode, you will learn:

– How to act in the hospital room of someone who is dying.

– How to help a grieving family.

– What questions to ask family members after their loved one’s death.

– Church funerals vs. Funeral homes vs. Graveside.

– What to preach on.

– How you can get to know the deceased even after their death.

– Preaching a funeral for the lost, the saved, or the unknown.

– Personal touches to aid the grieving.

– How to properly use humor in tough situations.

– How to not compromise your church’s standards.

– Tips for videos and music.