E271- Second Interview with Dr. Jack Bachman

It was my pleasure and honor to have Dr. Jack Bachman join me on the podcast for a second interview! Dr. Bachman has over 30 years of experience in ministry, including being a senior pastor, an assistant pastor, and is currently the Vice President of the Lone Star Baptist College in Mesquite, Texas. In this episode, we cover several topics, including (but not limited to):

  • His vision for LSBC International
  • How to reach singles for the Lord.
  • How to have a blessed, joyous, and fruitful single life.
  • How to help singles within your church.
  • How to give direction and drive to singles.
  • What to do while waiting for a mate.
  • Practical things an assistant pastor can do to be a better assistant pastor.
  • How to care for your for your pastor as his assistant.
  • Important reminders for assistant pastors.
  • Being an assistant pastor to you father.
  • How to avoid nepotism in ministry.