E28 – Interview with Dr. Scott Caudill!

Join me as I sit down with the President and Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions and one of my hero’s: Dr. Scott Caudill!  In this episode, we discuss many exciting topics and I am thrilled to present this episode to you.  Stay tuned to the very end to listen to a song entitled “Someone, Somewhere Needs To Hear” written and sung by Dr. Caudill!

Episode Links: 

Macedonia World Baptist Missions : https://www.mwbm.org/

Dr. Caudill’s Website: https://www.drscottcaudill.com/

Dr. Caudill’s Music CD’s : https://www.drscottcaudill.com/online-store/

Dr. Caudill’s Book: http://www.mwbm.org/online-store/

Macedonia World Baptist Radio: http://www.macedoniaradio.org/

Macedonia Institute of World Evangelism: http://mwbminstitute.org/

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