E46 – Interview with Pastor Patrick Gimenez

Join me for an interview episode with Pastor Patrick Gimenez!  In this episode, we discuss many different topics, such as:

  – His salvation testimony from Catholicism, to the Vatican, and eventually to Christ. 

  – Dealing with miscarriages.

  – Making it as a Christian in the military. 

  – Knowing God’s will for your life. 

  – What it’s like to be an overseas missionary. 

  – How to be the best spouse to a spouse that is going through a medical trial. 

  – How to raise children that love the Lord. 

  – How to be the best help to your pastor.

  – And so much more!

 Pastor Gimenez has been the most influential man of God to ever come into my life and I am excited for you to receive a multitude of applicable nuggets of wisdom throughout the episode!