E99 – My Top 10 CD’s On Youtube

Have you ever looked for new music to listen to?  You have your favorites but need to add some other good, godly music to your playlist collection?  Then today’s episode is for you!  In today’s episode, I give you my top 10 favorite music cd’s to listen to on youtube.  Each CD stands true to the Biblical principles and standards we discussed in our “The Truth About Music” series.  I hope you enjoy these CD’s as much as I do!  Links below (click titles to go to Youtube page):

 – “The King Is Coming” by Golden State Baptist College

“Faithful to the Cross” by Caleb & Katie Garraway

“Someone Is Praying For Me” by Dr. Scott Caudill

“My Saviour Goes With Me” by The Nichols Family

“We Need The Church” by The Raynes Family

“That’s My God” by Calvary Baptist Bible College

“Smoky Mountain Hymns” 

“What A Wonderful Savior Is Mine” by Alvin Martinez

“New Manna Baptist Church Teen Camp Choir 2014”

“God Makes A Way” by Commonwealth Baptist College

“I Go To Jesus” by Hyles-Anderson College

“I Can Pray” by The Hylander Singing Men

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