Episodes will be postponed until July 5th, 2024…

One of the highlights of the summer for my wife and I is to be able to take the youth of our church (juniors & teens) to Summer Camp! During the month of June, we take two weeks away to be with our juniors and teens during camp week. We have one week in between these camp weeks to rest and spend time with our kids, but soon enough, we had back out for another week of camp. Due to the time crunch and the need for extra family time, we will be postponing the release of episodes until July 5th, 2024.

I hate to postpone episodes but I have found this to be a necessity on a personal and family level over the past few summers. But! Don’t worry – we will be back to podcasting soon! I have several exciting topics and planned episodes that will be released when we resume our normal schedule. What should you, the listener, do while patiently waiting for the next episode???

A: Send an email to joshua@sandycreekstirrings.com with a question you may have or a subject you would like to hear more about. We love hearing from our listeners and are encouraged by your messages.

B: Go back and listen to one, two, three, or more of our 288 episodes. This is a great time to go back to those episodes that you skipped over or never listened to. Also, it goes without saying that episodes in the teens and twenties were produced over 200 episodes ago – you may have forgotten some of the truths they present.

C: Pray for my family and I during an extremely eventful month of June. We are excited for the many opportunities that the Lord has given us during this month.

Until next time, my friend, keep looking up and keep stirred up for the cause of Christ!