Episodes will resume on November 11th

There have been many times where I have discussed priorities on this podcast. In episode #230, I talked about managing ministry & family, along with prioritization. There have to be some times where you say “no” to some things. Unfortunately for the podcast, this must be one of those times…

The building that our church (Victory Springs Ind. Baptist Church) leases recently sold. After being informed of the sale, we were given a 60 day notice to vacate the premises. Our church has been in this location for 7 1/2 years, therefore this is no small task. While we are currently in the process of building, we are unsure of when our new building will be completed. In the meantime, we knew that we needed another building to lease as a more “permanent” location to meet in until the final construction of our new building. So, after much prayer, searching, and thousands of ideas…God has shown us the building we are to lease.

We are incredibly excited about this new portion of our journey and we look forward to continued growth as a church. This new location will allow us to grow as we await the construction of our future home. This new building will allow us to see more people saved, more lives changed, and a stronger church family grown.

But! There is a catch…

The new location needs a LOT of work before it can be ready for services. Walls have to be taken down, electrical has to be changed, nurseries need to be constructed, bathrooms need to be updated/constructed, flooring needs to be laid, painting needs to be done, wiring needs to be run…it’s going to be a big job! Here’s the kicker: of those 60 days to vacate – only 33 days are left to finish this job and move to the new location!

So, this is where I must make the hard decision – we must postpone episodes until the new location has been completed for services. The time I spend studying and preparing for the podcast must be invested in laboring to see this job finished. Though I am saddened at this conclusion, it is a reality I must face. Don’t worry – 1 month from now we will back up and ready to go. During this time, I would encourage you to go back and listen to our past episodes – start at the very beginning. (You might be surprised at what you don’t remember.)

My friend, until next time (November 11th), keep looking up and keep stirred up for the cause of Christ!