• Episodes will resume January 20th

    I know that many have been waiting - for the past 3 weeks - for the next episode of Sandy Creek Stirrings. Unfortunately... (Click episode title to read more)

  • Continued postponement…

    Unfortunately, my family has been fighting multiple sicknesses over the past two holiday weekends, including the flu. I thought I would be able to resume recording by this Friday (January 6th), but my voice is still shot and unable to produce a "listenable" podcast. I apologize, but I must postpone the podcast for one more week. I hate to do so, but this is a necessity - I can assure you. So, we will resume episodes on January 13th. Make sure to tune in, as I will have some very exciting upcoming announcements about some future episodes on the podcast!

  • Episodes will resume on January 6th, 2023

    Due to sickness and events of the New Year, episodes will be postponed until January 6th. As always, if you have any questions for our next episode, you can email me at the following email address: joshua@sandycreekstirrings.com. We wish you a happy and blessed New Year! Until next time, keep looking up and keep stirred up for the cause of Christ!